Right to Information
  1. Life Insurance Corporation Act 1956

  2. Life Insurance Corporation rules, 1956

  3. Life Insurance Corporation Regulations, 1959.

  4. LIC of India (Staff) Regulations, 1960.

  5. Citizen Charter

  6. RTI Structure in LIC

  7. Name & Address of CPIOs & Appellate Authority

  8. Pay Scale of Chairman and Managing Directors

  9. Pay scales of all cadre of the Corporation

  10. Board members

  11. LIC of India (Daily Allowance and Hotel charges to Employees on Tour) Rules, 1989.

  12. LIC of India (Employees) Pension Rules, 1995

  13. LIC of India (Regulation of Superannuation) Rules, 1987.

  14. LIC of India (Special Area Allowance) Rules, 1989.

  15. LIC of India Class-1 Officers (Revision of Terms and Conditions of Service) Rules, 1985.

  16. LIC of India Class-III & Class-IV Employees (Revision of certain Terms and Conditions of Service) Rules, 1985.

  17. LiC of India Class-III & Class-IV Employees Promotion Rules, 1987.

  18. LIC of India Class-III and Class-IV Employees (Payment of Kit Allowance) Rules, 1988.

  19. LIC of India Class-III Employees (Special Allowance for passing examination) Rules, 1988.

  20. LIC of India Development Officers (Revision of Terms and conditions of Service) Rules, 1986.

  21. Rules of promotion of Development Officers to the cadre of Assistant Branch Manager (Sales)-2010

  22. Promotion of Development Officers to the cadre of ABM (S)-Special Provisions regarding Reservation in respect of promotion for employees belonging to SC/ST

  23. LIC of India Development Officers (Revision of certain Terms & Conditions of Service) Rules, 2009

  24. LIC of India (Special Allowance for In-House development of Actuarial Capability ) Rules, 2002

  25. LIC of India, Information Technology Specialist Group (Selection terms and conditions of service and Payment of Allowance) Rules, 2007

  26. Scheme of Ex-gratia Relief to surviving spoused of Pre- 1.1.1986 reitrees & employees died while in service prior to 1.1.1986

  27. Revised ADO Recruitment Administration 28-10-2005

  28. Agents Rules 1972

  29. Wage Revision Notification Gazette - 2010


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