Dr.Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India

Union Finance Minister

“In the year 1956, 245 Indian and foreign companies were nationalized and today, the three letters ‘LIC’, stands as a synonym for insurance, for services, for excellence in strengthening the economic fibre of this country. I dare to say that no other three letters taken together are more recognised to the length and breadth of India than LIC.”

“The performance figures of LIC give an indication why LIC is dear to us, why LIC is a Jewel in our crown and why we will continue to nurture LIC and grow it into a great organization rendering service to the people of India.”

“LIC’s footprints are now to be found in many other countries in the world. Wherever Indians go - and they go everywhere now, wherever Indians are welcome - and they are welcome in every part of the world, wherever Indians settle down – they have found many new homes, wherever Indians excel – and they excel in every walk of life, they want LIC – they want LIC to protect them, to look after their savings, and provide for protection as well as their retirement.”

P. Chidambaram
Union Finance Minister
Excerpts from speeches at the inaugural function of LIC’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations.
Lucknow, September 1, 2005.


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