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IProposal PDF forms rectified with 'SAVE' facility. Please download and use the latest version for IProposal Submission.
  • Form No 300 : IPR-F300-RE-V12.0.pdf
  • Form No 340 : IPR-F340-V2.0.pdf
  • Form No 360 : IPR-F360-RE-V2.0.pdf
    For following problems, Send mail to PCMC department, Mumbai at email-id:
  • FUP un-updation related queries.
  • Refund of excess amount paid towards merchant invoices through net-banking.
    For invoices paid through net-banking but not updated real-time, please wait up to 8:00 pm of the next working day and if still not updated send email to or contact PCMC Team, Mumbai. For invoices paid online on Saturday and not updated real-time, such invoices will get updated only on Monday evening.
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